Balda Customer Care

Balda is in the business of delivering “solutions made in plastic”. It is through our Customer Care team we remain close to you. Systems manage the routine business, but people manage exceptions. Balda’s caring culture comes alive when you need an immediate response to an unexpected change, when you need a person who cares and a system that is flexible and responsive. The Balda solution comes with the promise of a Caring person supporting you in moment of need it most...NOW!

Just in time to your global place of delivery

Balda supplies everything from a single source: from the initial product idea to mold making as well as from automation planning to clean-room production under GMP regulations, customized packaging and worldwide logistics. You define the goal. We deliver your products with absolute faithfulness to schedules and guaranteed to be just-in-time to any place in the world, be it your warehouse, a downstream manufacturer or directly to your customer. For this purpose, we make use of a global network of providers specializing in logistics services and prepare all the required documents, including the necessary customs forms.

 Just-in-time to any place in the world.