As a global provider of high-quality, sophisticated plastics solutions for the healthcare industry as well as for the eyewear, electronics and automotive sectors, the Balda Group’s success is based on our expertise, our many years of experience, and our responsibility towards our customers, shareholders, and employees.
We do not tolerate corruption and cartel arrangements. They conflict with our understanding of what a responsibly managed company should be. It is our conviction that a company’s success should be solely based on its successful collaboration with its customers, its expertise, and its high-quality products sold at competitive prices. Corruption and cartel arrangements would endanger our public perception and our commercial success. 

Balda will neither conduct nor allow any discriminating activities or measures. Discrimination refers to any kind of differentiation, exemption or preferential treatment which restricts the equal treatment or access to work and employment. These can possibly be based on: skin color; gender; religious beliefs; political views; age, national, social or ethnical origin; family obligations or any other similar considerations. Beyond this, Balda also professes to maintaining work place that is free of all types of harassment and bullying.

For us, compliance is an important and indispensable pillar within our corporate governance activities.