Balda – a success story

The history of Balda began more than a 100 years ago, as a manufacturer of cameras. From the mid-20th century onwards, the company focussed on processing high-performance polymer materials, and produced components and systems for mobile phones, electronics and IT products. When Balda Medical GmbH & Co. KG was set up in 2002, Balda entered the healthcare market where it operates in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical technology fields. Since 2012, Balda has pursued a new "buy and build" strategy to consistently develop the healthcare business as the company's main pillar in the future. The first step taken by Balda was the acquisition in late 2012 of two US firms with longstanding experience and established customer relations in the healthcare business.

1908 – Balda founded as a camera manufacturer

1952 – Focus on precision injection molding as core expertise

1995 – Entry into the mobile telephony market

1999 – Balda AG IPO on the Frankfurter Stock Exchange

2001 – Globalization: start of activities in Asia

2002 – Diversification: mobile telephony, medical, automotive

2002 – Formation of the Balda Medical segment

2004 – Globalization: start of activities in Eastern Europe,
Latin America, India

2006 – Entry into touchscreen business via investment
in the TPK Holding joint venture (original Balda share: 50%)

2011 – Disposal of unprofitable MobileCom segment

2012 – Strategic realignment of the Balda Group,
adoption of the buy-and-build strategy for growth
and value enhancement

2012 – Ten-year anniversary of the Balda Medical segment

2012 – Sale of the majority of the remaining 16.1%
investment in TPK Holding and passing on of part of the
proceeds to shareholders by way of two special
dividend payments

2012 – Acquisition of C. Brewer Co. and HK Plastics
Engineering with four sites in the USA as part of the
buy-and-build strategy

2013 – Further development of the Electronic Products
segment into the Balda Technical segment with activities
in the optics, electronics and automotive sectors

2013 – Complete withdrawal from TPK Holding and sale
of the remaining 2% share

2016 – Stevanato Group takes over Balda Group