Innovative, patented drug delivery system
for the accurate oral self-medication.

Dial the Dose – a precision liquid dispenser

Dial the Dose is an innovative, patented drug delivery system for the accurate oral self-medication of non-sterile liquids. It allows a safe and precise dosage in 0.5 ml increments. The pre-set of the device reduces the risk of incorrect medication. A ratchet at every 0.5 ml allows a safe dosage – also providing accuracy under visually challenging circum- stances. An accurate dosing with low residual volume is guaranteed.

Dial the Dose is available in two sizes and can be filled with a total volume of either 3 ml or 5 ml.

Dial the dose consists of just two components and offers a robust custom design.

  • Safe and precise dosing
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Volume settings in 0.5 ml increments
  • Individual design for custom requirements

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There is no single pill for everyone – mini-pill dispenser ensures optimum dosage.

Mini tablet dispenser sMTS

Balda Healthcare delivers sophisticated concepts and convenient solutions meeting the pharmaceutical market's requirements
and trends in respect to packaging and dosing. Promoting patient compliance with the therapy (medical compliance) is a major trend in the pharmaceutical market. Practical experience has shown that patients frequently take their medication incorrectly, thus limiting its true efficacy. "Drug Delivery Systems" make it possible to develop products that allow patients to take their medication effectively, safely and conveniently. What's more, modern pharmaceutical firms increasingly rely on specific drugs developed and produced in bioengineering processes. Such products require new and more sophisticated packagings.

Electronic tablet dispenser


  • Product responsibility from development to series start
  • Hardware and software development
  • Graphical user interface
  • Usability studies
  • Product approval (CE) and implementation of FDA requirements

Project details:

  • Biocompatible materials: MABS, PARA, POM, PC, PBT, PMMA, TPU, PP, SEBS
  • 16 plastic components incl. two-component, 10 bought-in parts
  • Fully-automated assembly process incl. electronic module
  • Inline testing of mechanical and electrical functions
  • Full-automated packaging strategy for 80 countries
  • Global logistics strategy

Sophisticated, user-friendly solutions.

Smart Dispensing Systems
We make it possible


Smart Dispensing Systems

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Hand-held devices: competence and passion

A distinct trend towards greater complexity can be observed in the steadily growing global market for hand-held devices, such as the medical devices for measuring blood glucose levels: in addition to the devices' miniaturization, they are also expected to display greater functionality and permit flexible dosing, for example.
Here too, "medical compliance" is a key factor, in addition to the complexity. Calls for more personal responsibility on the part of the patients impose considerable requirements on the medical products. Use by the patient in conformity with the medication concerned can only be assured through the combination of safety and a high-quality look and feel. Throughout the entire process chain, Balda Medical takes account of all these factors as the pressure on costs continues to rise.

The combination of safety and a high-quality look and feel.