Whether it is in the car cabin or the engine compartment
a Balda molding solution may have improved your driving
experience and safety. By leveraging glass reinforced
engineering plastics into complex parts under the hood, or
by forming aesthetic elegance around you, Balda is quietly
adding value that exceeds the cost of the services delivered.
Our expertise goes beyond the road and keeps tractors and
trucks moving tons of earth daily with the support of the
Balda's molded plastics.

Product example

Product example


Managing water delivery is no longer performed in just concrete
canals, PVC pipes or aluminum sprinkler systems. Combining flex-
ible plastic tubing with molded emitters, precision molded com-
ponents are introduced to an automated assembly cell making
emitters that assures every drop of water is managed. A collabor-
ation of customer ingenuity, automation, all connected to a Balda
molding solution, prudently manages a ever increasing scarce
resource, while allowing agricultural engineers to manage cost

Consumer Electronics

Balda 's Consumer products customers have proven that creative
design and technical leadership creates customer allegiance. Their
secret to success is partnering with Balda as a hyper-responsive
supplier of In Mold Decorated (IMD) and cosmetically critical
molded components. Balda leverages flexible automation offering
a North American supply solution that naturally compresses the
time to market and maximizes flexibility and supporting global
manufacturing centers.

Product example


The young New York/California company funoogles sells sunglasses
and prescription eyewear for children.  funoogles glasses are made
up of modular sets where frames and temples can be combined in
different colors giving a fresh new look every day.  funoogles gives
children a creative outlet fostering a love of their glasses. 
Balda assisted funoogles design team devising the injection molding
tools and started series production in summer 2015. 

To funoogles website

Product Example

Product Example


Balda is the North American leader in what is Perhaps the most
technically challenging and logistically sensitive market in the
plastics business. Though perceived as fashion industry, eyewear
has sophisticated manufacturing core requiring the use of deman-
ding engineering resins translated into an almost flawless fashion
accessory. From your creative design, Balda delivers a perfect 
eyewear frame or a finished Sunglass packaged and shipped to
your distribution center.

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