The growing incidence of chronic diseases makes it necessary to involve the patient more strongly so that he or she can also diagnose and treat the disease directly - at home and without medical supervision. In addition to the product's functionality, its design and feel are factors of decisive importance for the patient. Instant diagnosis at the point of care is therefore a steadily growing field. Point of care diagnostics also includes disposable systems which rapidly and comprehensively provide the doctor with information on how the illness is progressing and thus permit highly specific treatment without losing time. The disposable systems used often take the form of cartridges combining a variety of functions, such as micro-fluidics, reagent containers or optical properties. Increasing technical requirements and opportunities in the diagnostic field are offset by the equally strong pressure to cut costs. Balda Healthcare is the ideal partner for realizing reliable, cost-efficient solutions.

Disposables: Safety is paramount: Balda Healthcare specializes in diagnostic consumables which are used not only in laboratories and hospitals, but also in nursing care at home. The products' consistently high quality is guaranteed by an industrial development and production environment specific to the industry. In addition, the materials used for customer-specific consumables meet with the highest standards as regards precision, specified surface quality, purity of the raw materials and cleanliness of the production environment.

Product examples:
> Hand-held devices: Blood glucose level testing devices, lancing devices, insertion devices
> Consumables: Pipette tips, cuvettes, tubes, PCR plates, point of care test cartridges

Racks populated
with tips and cups


  • Racks filled with tips and cups
    for high-throughput immunochemistry
    (85 separate tests)
  • Tip: guaranteed burr-free

Project details:

  • Tip material: electrically-conductive PP
  • Injection-molded combi-rack, tip and cup (64-fold tool)
  • Fully-automated 100% testing and assembly
  • Industrialization incl. test system set-up

Product example